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More FontOne in Progress

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FontOne Regular now has a basic lower and uppercase character set, a-z and A-Z. These letter forms & spacing are perhaps 80-90% finished. No kerning yet. More on the design of FontOne here.

FontOne can be downloaded from here.

(above – FontOne rendered with OSX & Chrome browser)

(above – FontOne rendered with Chrome OS browser)

(above – FontOne rendered with Android 2.3 Gingerbread)

Nobile & Mako as Android System Fonts

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One long-ish term project is to create versions of Nobile and Mako (above) customised for Android devices. This is likely to result in an amalgamation of features from both fonts into a new face, to give three GUI fonts for portable and handheld devices.

(above – Mako in progress on Android 2.3.3)

(above – Nobile in progress on Android 2.3.3)