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Candal & Pacifico Fonts. Weeks 3-4

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Candal is the first stab at some fairly complex remixing of ¬†different fonts. It has been designed using Superpolator to merge a number of fonts to create new font forms. Candal’s parents were a couple of Grotesks cross-fertilised with some slab serifs (with the slabs lopped off!). Once Superpolator had managed to cough up a few interesting forms, these were taken back into FontLab to shape and build out into a full character set.

Pacifico is derived from an advert found in a 1950′s Esquire Magazine. I haven’t yet hunted down if what i scanned was a typeface or hand lettering. What i had to work from was ‘Canada Pacific’. That’s 8 characters… ‘P’, ‘C’, ‘a’, ‘n’, ‘i’, ‘c’, ‘f’, ‘d’. I tweaked those a bit too.