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Finally getting some serious work done on Oxygen Sans. The ‘plan’ could be to get the Latin Regular and Bold weights to a major release state, then float the project onto KickStarter or Indiegogo, to fund some next major release stages; e.g. More weights, plus cyrillic.


  • Nikolaus Waxweiler says:

    Now that Freetype has an excellent CFF hinting engine, will you work on providing those hints? I like the quality I get with it :) Much better than what I get with TT hints most of the time.

  • vernon adams says:

    Yes i have been playing with the the new engine. In fact it has allowed me to re-shape some of the underlying structure of the Oxygen fonts, for the better i hope :) The Opentype version will be the default from now on, not the truetype.

  • Alejandro Nova says:

    Just downloaded Oxygen 0.4. There is a small issue with the Oxygen Bold baseline being different from Oxygen Sans. Can you look into that?

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