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Sketches for a free infant learning typeface

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Design brief: Design a Free Software typeface family to be used in infant learning, based on the Muli typeface. Designed for infants learning to read and write. Created for teachers, schools, educators and publishers.

Bottom line: 100% Free, to allow any commercial or non-commercial use. 100% Open, to allow alteration, modification and expansion.

‘Ponyland Light’

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‘Ponyland’ started as a mash-up of Francois, Open Sans, and Cantarell (see post here). A light version has been started, being further based on aspects of Novarese’s ‘Recta’ face (see below as ‘Chumba Bikes’ and ‘Now Open, Welcome’). The next phase is to bring this light font and the regular weighted original ‘Ponyland’ together into a single face. The regular weight of this can be seen below (as ‘DESGARÇON’ and ‘Oceanside Los Angeles’). The likelihood is that the face will keep the slightly extended uppercase of the light font but introduce some of the less rounded curves of Ponyland’s original lowercase curve-to-stem junctures (see lower, below) eg found on the ‘n’, ‘u’, ‘b’, ‘d’, ‘p’ and ‘q’. The light Recta-esque font will be kept for cross-breeding into future font designs.